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This page is dedicated to the presentation of  working papers, views and opinions.

The Polish power industry
The Polish power industry is changing its organisation in accordance with "Program for the power supply industry" approved by the Polish government on 28 March 2006. The program aims to consolidate distribution companies and electricity producers into four vertically integrated entities and their privatisation in a public offer on the stock exchange. The Program can be seen as a counter measure to worsting situation of the power supply industry with aging electricity producing equipment, undeveloped transmission and distribution networks and the fast rising demand for electricity in a country with over 6% GDP annual growth.

Security of supply
A new paper on the security of supply was prepared for European Review of Energy Marketspublished by the European Energy Institute. The publication is expected late 2007.

Removing regulation barriers
One of the most important barriers to the vast implementation of electricity markets are energy tariffs approved by the energy regulation authorities for customers who are eligible to buy energy in a competitive electricity market. In many cases, hidden cross subsidies result in lower electricity tariffs than electricity prices in a competitive market. Also, the ex ante system of network charges approval causes that network companies raise the prices of network services. A counter measure could be the audit system of tariff and network charges, in which network companies can introduce network charges themselves without the need to have the tariff approved by an energy regulating authority. The operation of this system is based on the basic rules of taxation systems. It was presented during the Florence School of Regulation, Regulatory Round Table on 10 May 2007.